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Poker Hand Rankings

Poker hands in a standard five-card game are ranked in order of strength from the strongest to the weakest. Royal Flush is the best possible hand with cards such as 10, Jack, King, Queen and Ace of the same suit. Any five-card sequence of the same suit is called the Straight Flush. All four cards […]

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Commonly Made Mistakes in Poker

The beginners as well as the professional players make a lot of mistakes when it comes to poker. Therefore it is imperative to identify these mistakes and rectify them. Do not be emotional while playing the game. Avoid being careless while other players are placing their bets. Do not take things at the face value; […]

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Playing the Pocket Pairs

Even though there are quite a lot of people who believe that a pocket pair does not account for much, it is known that sometimes these turn out to be the winning cards, which would fetch you the pot. The pocket tens and the pocket jacks are considered to be the middle pocket pairs. Playing […]

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Poker Etiquette

There is basic poker etiquette to follow, regardless of your playing location. Such poker rules ensure that the game is fair. To begin with, you must always play when it’s your turn. Playing out of way would distract the other players and can influence their decisions. It would be inappropriate to talk about the cards […]

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Probabilistic Side of Poker

Any time you will get called to your All-In, you will have very good Heads-Up hands, that in most of the cases will give you a 50% or better winning chance. When you don’t get called, you will collect blinds and previous calls/bets, that will usually increase your stack compared to the cost of the […]

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