Poker Etiquette

There is basic poker etiquette to follow, regardless of your playing location. Such poker rules ensure that the game is fair. To begin with, you must always play when it’s your turn. Playing out of way would distract the other players and can influence their decisions. It would be inappropriate to talk about the cards in your hand, while the round is still on. It would be tempting to chat once you have folded, but this information could be used negatively by the other players in the round. Make sure you do not show your cards until the final showdown. There is no reason to expose your cards unless you are heads-up and all in.

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Five-Card Poker

In order to play such a poker game, you would need 2-8 players. Initially, the players put a small bet in the pot. Thereafter, the dealer deals each player five cards, face down starting with the player to the dealer’s left. All the players can pick up and see their cards. The betting begins from the player sitting on the dealer’s left. Those who are still in the hand get to trade in one or more cards when the betting is done. He/she can trade in the other four cards from the hand, if there is an ace in the hand. However, you would be required to show the ace.

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Joker Poker

Joker Poker is another interesting game of video poker and this variation is also brought about by Microgaming, which is one of the leading online casino software providers in the world. The game consists of a joker that works more like a wild card and could be used in any of the winning combinations. This also means that the software in this game would automatically convert the wild card to any denomination or suit that would give the best payout to the player. The maximum jackpot prize in the game of Joker Poker is 5000 coins and this could be achieved only with a Royal Flush. The jackpot could not be won with any random combination that contains a wild card; it essentially has to be a Flush.

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Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is one of the stronger video poker games that is designed and developed by MicroGaming, one of the leading online casino software developers in the world. The game is pretty similar to the usual game of poker; however the winning hands on the online version would yield more profits. It is a game where the players are required to gather four cards of the same kind, but the payouts are higher on the higher ranks.It has to be remembered that there are no wild cards in the game and hence the maximum jackpot payout in Double Bonus Poker is up to 4000 coins, usually won with the Royal Flush.

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Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow is a popular game of poker amongst the Asian gamblers. Some historians believe that Pai Gow was supposed to be a form of Zen meditation, however was introduced in the casinos as a game of chance. It is also known as ‘two-handed’ poker and the ultimate goal of this game is to create two hands of seven cards each from the cards given to the player. One of the hands should consist of two cards, while the other should contain five cards. The smaller deck is usually referred as the ‘in front’ hand whereas the other one is called ‘behind’.

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Poker Deposits with Echecks

The Echecks work the same way as the traditional checks function, just that the transactions made here are electronic in nature. The funds that are deposited on the poker sites are debited directly from the checking account of the players. Due to the increasing popularity of Echecks, a majority of the poker rooms have started accepting them. They also offer some bonus if the deposits are made through Echecks. The withdrawals made from the poker rooms could be sent directly to the bank account of the users. The process is simple and all the transactions made through Echecks are secured. The deposits and withdrawals are pretty fast and are reflected directly into the player’s account. On the other hand, the other e-wallet systems may take a few days to process the withdrawals.

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What is Strip Poker?

Strip Poker is played just like the other poker games and many a time it ends up enticing the non-poker players into the game as well. It can bring back some fun in the poker game and Strip Poker comes in several variations. Quite a few times, Strip Poker is considered to be a way of flirting or used as a form of foreplay. There are fast, medium or slow stripping modes in the game and the level of excitement in each mode varies. In the speedy strip poker games, all the players except the winner are required to remove an item of clothing.  Medium mode in strip poker means that the winner is the only individual who is not stripping and the losers have a choice to buy their clothes back in the subsequent rounds. The slowest mode means that the player with the lowest score on the table is the only one to strip.

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Poker Deposits with Ukash

Using Ukash vouchers on the poker rooms is pretty simple. Once the users acquire the Ukash vouchers from the retail stores, they could be used instantly. These vouchers consist of the 19 digit codes that could be used to carry out the financial transactions on the internet, just like any other credit card number. Ukash payment service could be integrated in any of the online poker room interfaces. There are as many as 40000 outlets and could be bought from Europe, Asia and South America. There is no registration required and therefore ensures complete user anonymity. Such Ukash vouchers are available in the minimum of GBP5 and a maximum of GBP150. Ukash vouchers are completely safe and the company employs Verisign 128 bit encrypted technology for the transactions.

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Poker Calculators

If there are no constants in gambling the house/other players will always win. You can control this in poker by using the calculators and always playing a constant (we are all prone to human emotion, this is a poker player’s worst enemy) by using Holdem Indicator and playing at a constant we can manipulate the poker table to a considerable advantage, there by removing the gambling and luck element. Sure you’re going lose and your going have bad beats, but you will win more than you lose. You will lose far more if you deviate from the calculator, so don’t!!! Profit margins based on a $6+0.50c low limit game on Full Tilt Poker, using Holdem Indicator auto card reader.

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Money Management in Poker

Poker is like Forex or Stocks market. There are many players who lose a lot of money because of the poor management. Poker can be very frustrating sometimes. If you get a bad beat you’re tempted to play aggressive to regain what you have lost. Big mistake! Those are the moments when you can lose more than 70% of your bankroll. This strategy protects you for becoming a maniac poker player. If you lose you leave the table and enter another one playing the same way, at the same stakes.

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