Sic Bo – Rules & Strategies

Sic Bo is an exciting game of dice and the term actually means a “pair of dice”. The game is known to have its roots in ancient China and is being played for centuries. As of now, Sic Bo is played in all the casinos across the globe. In some parts of the world, the game is also known as “Dai Siu” and “Tai Sai”. The term means “big small” in English. In some parts of Philippines, the game is also known as “hi lo”. Sic Bo is now being offered at a majority of online casinos. 

How to Play?

Sic Bo is an interesting game played with three dice. The whole purpose of the game is to guess the outcome of the dice after a throw. The possible outcomes include singles, two-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind or any other combinations from these. Payoff odds and payoff combinations are always listed on a table that resembles the roulette table. A majority of online casinos will use colorful lights to highlight the winning combinations. The game starts as soon as the players place their bets on numbers they expect as an outcome. The dice is rolled once the bets are placed on the table. All the winning possibilities will then appear on the table. For the most part, the winning payoffs are from 1:1 ranging up to 180:1 for a specific three-of-a-kind.

Sic Bo Big & Small

Newer players must know that they are allowed to place an unlimited number of bets at one time. However the big and the small wagers are two of the most popular bets. The big bet in Sic Bo is placed if you believe that the dice would land on a total from 11 to 17. On the other hand, a small bet is placed if you believe the total of the dice will range from 4 to 10.

Other Sic Bo Bets

Before getting started with Sic Bo, you must acquaint yourself with other kinds of bets as well. A few of the other popular bets include particular 3-number totals, which offer payouts such as 5:1 to 50:1. You can also bet on 2-number totals 1-number wagers, which offer smaller payouts such as 1:1 for one hit, 1:2 for 2 hits and 1:3 for 3 hits. A few casinos offer 12:1 for 3 hits, which is quite high. However, you must check for the payoffs before you get started with the game. As you progress with the game, you are likely to gain more experience with the bets. And remember there will always be times when you are in the zone, then a bad beat just like in poker but thats part of the game.